• 29/09/2020

    FHG forum successfully closes an edition marked by the need to rethink the future

    Food, tourism and gastronomy have sought in Fira new formulas to get out of the crisis

    After two days of an intense programmatic activity, FHG (Food & Hospitality, Tourism and Gastronomy Forum) closes an edition in which great chefs, experts and professionals from the food, gastronomic and tourism industries have debated their situation and the main challenges for the future in the current situation. In this event, with a face-to-face format complemented by digital participation, more than thirty conferences, debates and round tables have taken place, with the participation of more than 20 speakers.

    FHG forum arrived to his end this afternoon with a follow-up of nearly 1,300 professionals, 584 in person, with the adequate prevention and security measures, and 751 unique users online. The event organized by Fira de Barcelona and Alimentaria Exhibitions, which took place at the Palau de Congressos de Barcelona, has highlighted the need for food, hospitality, tourism and gastronomic companies to meet again, share knowledge and find solutions for the economic recovery and the reformulation of their businesses. “Rethinking the future” has been the unifying motto of a program whose most followed topics have been those related to the digital transformation of businesses and the efficient management of the hotel business.

    Along with face-to-face assistance, the virtual platform, through which the entire forum has been broadcast in streaming, has been an excellent complement to expand the real audience of the event – followers from 42 countries have been connected – and the possibilities of networking among all its participants. This virtual platform will remain open for the next few weeks to continue facilitating connection spaces between accredited professionals.

    The director of Alimentaria Exhibitions, J. Antonio Valls, has highlighted “the importance of having been able to hold a new face-to-face event at Fira de Barcelona in the current circumstances, that together with the digital audience has once again brought together professionals and decision-makers from strategic sectors. We have fulfilled our main objective, which is to give support and visibility to these industries and their professionals when they need it most”.

    Management and rescue

    Chefs such as Ferran Adrià, president of ElBulliFoundation, Nandu Jubany (Grup Jubany) and Artur Martínez (Aurt Restaurant) have highlighted the need to train restaurateurs in business management, strive harder than ever, maintain enthusiasm, seek opportunities and continue innovating, and they have also highlighted a key sector for the country’s economic recovery.

    For their part, the leaders of the main hotel and tourist associations in Spain warned of the need for the government to urgently implement rescue measures for a sector that, together with food and gastronomy, accounts for 25% of the national GDP. A sector that could, at the end of the year, lose between 65,000 and 80,000 establishments, according to the Hospitality Industry business association of Spain.

    Likewise, food distribution plans to consolidate the growth of the online channel that it has been experiencing since the beginning of the pandemic. In this sense, AECOC projects that the online share of food in Europe will go from 3.8% registered in 2019 to 10% in 2025.

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