Rosario Pedrosa

Commercial and Marketing Strategy Manager | AECOCBarcelona, Spain
Rosario Pedrosa


Manager of the Commercial and Marketing Strategy Area at AECOC, from where members are offered knowledge through the Shopperview study platform, as well as training and a meeting point for commercial and marketing strategy. 


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SHOPPER: Post – COVID Tendencies Study

Rosario Pedrosa
Rosario PedrosaAECOCCommercial and Marketing Strategy Manager

29-09-2020 09:4529-09-2020 10:20Europe/MadridSHOPPER: Post – COVID Tendencies Study

The situation we are experiencing is changing our behaviour as people, consumers and buyers. In view of this situation, we at AECOC have monitored these changes through our platform of shopper view studies, following closely how habits inside and outside the home have changed during the lockdown and the return to the new normality. What are the main changes detected? How are our habits changing? What trends have come to stay? How does all this affect the FMCG companies?

Palau de Congressos
Tue 29 09:45h - 10:20h Palau de Congressos