Rosa Galende

Publications Manager | AECOCBarcelona, Spain
Rosa Galende


She has a degree in Information Sciences from the UAB. With more than 20 years' experience in large-scale consumption, she is manager of the Publications Area of AECOC and director of the magazines Código 84 and TDN Tendencias. Author of the book "Making the impossible possible".


Interview | Rethinking the future in Food Retail, Large-Scale Food Distribution and Value Chain

Direct to Consumer

José Luis Nueno
José Luis NuenoIESE Business SchoolProfessor of Marketing and holder of the Intent HQ Chair of Changes in Consumer Behavior
Rosa Galende
Rosa Galende AECOCPublications Manager

29-09-2020 09:0029-09-2020 09:40Europe/MadridDirect to Consumer

IESE Professor José Luis Nueno will explain the keys to how direct-to-consumer Internet sales will change the relationship between customers and brands. The COVID-19 outbreak will act as a major accelerator of the transition to the direct-to-consumer sales model, jeopardizing the survival of businesses that are less agile in adopting these changes.

Interviewed by Rosa Galende. 

Palau de Congressos
Tue 29 09:00h - 09:40h Palau de Congressos