Ingrid Buera

Business Area Manager | MercabarnaSpain
Ingrid Buera


She is a member of the Good Practices Commission of the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Catalonia, of the Pedagogical Coordination Council of Barcelona City Council and of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day".


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Mercabarna Biomarket, Spain’s first wholesale market for organic products

Ingrid Buera
Ingrid BueraMercabarnaBusiness Area Manager
Carme Gasull
Carme GasullModerator

28-09-2020 14:0028-09-2020 14:30Europe/MadridMercabarna Biomarket, Spain’s first wholesale market for organic products

The Biomarket will be inaugurated next October and it was created to respond to the growing consumer demand and the commitment of the wholesale sector and local agriculture for organic food. It is also the result of Mercabarna's commitment to a more sustainable food model.

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