Pep Palau

Co-director | Fòrum Gastronòmic S.L.Spain
Pep Palau


Gastronomer. Kitchen Collective Promoter. Knowledgeable about the territory and its producers. Specialist in gastronomic tourism. Gastronomic consultant for institutions and companies. In 1999 he founded, together with Jaume von Arend, the Fòrum Gastronòmic.


Round table | Rethinking the future in Gastronomy Hospitality, Foodservice and Agrifood Production

Keys to success in overcoming the crisis

Artur Martínez
Artur MartínezAürt RestaurantChef
Ferran Adrià
Ferran AdriàelBullifoundationPresident
Josep Roca
Josep RocaCeller de Can RocaSommelier, Head Waiter and Co-owner
Nandu Jubany
Nandu JubanyGrup JubanyCook and owner
Pep Palau
Pep PalauFòrum Gastronòmic S.L.Co-director
Carme Gasull
Carme GasullModerator

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